Out and About in Ogden


Reasons to sign up for the 19th Annual Rocky Mountain Bonspiel.

Installment #2 - Getting Seriously Out and About in Ogden

Ok folks, as promised, here's your chance to get seriously Out and About in Ogden. 


I'm talking hiking, golf, chillaxe fishing (yes I said fishing) and dinosaurs (Utah is famous for its dino discoveries). 


Hiking - There are so many hiking trails in Ogden it's a "coin toss" to see which one you'll choose.  For those looking for something easy and laid back, I suggest the Beus Pond Trail.  This is a 0.4 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Ogden, Utah that features a lake. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for walking, trail running, and road biking.  If moderate hiking is your thing, check out Indian Trail.


This is a 8.5 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located in Ogden Canyon and featuring beautiful wild flowers. The trail loosely traces the old Shoshoni Indian path used in ancient times to get out of Ogden Canyon and onto the salt lake plain.


For those of you "hard core hikers" might I suggest Strongs Canyon Trail?  This is a 3.7 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Ogden, Utah that features a waterfall.


Golf - don't get me started on the second greatest sport that Scotland has given the human race (curling being the 1st of course).  Mount Ogden Golf Course.  This 18 hole course is perched high on the East Bench overlooking the city of Ogden and surrounding communities. The golf course is well known for its elevation changes and its fantastic course conditions. It is a very challenging but playable layout with views that are second to none.  For something a little more "golf player challenged - like yours truley - there's the El Monte Golf Course.  This  is a nine-hole layout located at the mouth of beautiful Ogden Canyon. Featuring gentle terrain changes, mature trees, and outstanding greens, this secluded course is a long-time local favorite. A prominent feature on this course for more than 80 years is a pair of large Fremont cottonwood trees situated in the middle of the first fairway.


Fishing - yes you saw right, I typed fishing.  Ogden has a fun Cold Springs Trout Farm.  This is one of Utah’s best kept secrets! Only 15 minutes from downtown Ogden.  Cold Springs Trout Farms has 7 catch-out ponds that are stocked with feisty rainbow trout. The main ingredient to producing great-tasting healthy fish is the water source.

The water source comes from cold Rocky Mountain springs at the base of the Cold Water Canyon which appropriately describes their water. This water and the best diet on the market deliver a firm and mild flavored trout dinner.  Bring your waders if for nothing else, to look for a professional trout fisher.


Saving the best for last - Dino sighting.   Millions of years ago, dinosaurs rumbled across the landscape of what is now Utah. Thousands of remnants of this prehistoric era are carefully preserved and interpreted in sites, museums and quarries across the state, awaiting your discovery.   At the mouth of Ogden Canyon is the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park.  Journey back in time to the days when the Dryosaurus roamed and the Tyrannosaurus rex ruled at this outdoor six-acre park that displays giant dinosaurs complete with sound effects like crashing trees and earth moving footsteps. The complex also includes a museum that features hands-on exhibits of the latest fossil finds from Utah and around the world.


On my next installment, I'll be spotlighting places to go if you want to just take it in without all the sunscreen =)  Until then, may the good curling be yours!


Reasons to sign up for the 19th Annual Rocky Mountain Bonspiel.

Installment #1 - The Weather

The weather in Ogden, Utah, can be interesting to say the least.  Being a Southern California girl, I thrive in the heat and humidity.  The cold is ok, as long as it's humid.  I love the rain but, snow?  hhhmmmmm You're kidding right?   Or so that’s what I thought.  When I first moved to Utah from a long stint living in Los Angeles, you can imagine how the first winter was a “wake up call” for yours truly.   It took me about 2 winters to get used to it and over the past 6 years, I have become acclimated to the changes in the weather as well as the seasons.  Our summers tend to be shorter then what I am use to, which in turn has turned me into a speed demon veggie gardener.  With a little help from my tabletop aerogarden, I can get a head start on my squash.

So, back to Ogden weather in May.  This one's easy….GORGEOUS!!!!!  Mother Nature is all but had her time to bring on the “April Showers” that bring the customary “May Flowers”.  Who could ask for more?   A BONSPIEL in this lovely city that’s what…….

Average temps hover in the area of mid to upper 60’s during with day, with the possibility of a low 70’s biter (did ya catch the curling lingo there?) with temps dipping into the mid to low 40’s at night.  Not too hot, not too cold, it’s just right.   Perfect curling weather to be sure of. (Ice Crew approved:)) 

This kinda weather allows you to get out and see the city during your down time.  So sign up, show up and have a fun time at the 19th Annual Rocky Mountain Bonspiel why don'tcha. 

On the next installment, I’ll highlight some places, for you as well as your team and family, to check out during downtime that are a few short minutes’ drive or even a lovely walk from the ice sheet.  One hint, bring your waders - Until then, may the good curling be yours.

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