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Fall 2021 Pre-League Season Open House/Learn to Curl Event

40 New Curlers decided to give curling a try!!!

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22nd Annual Rocky Mountain Bonspiel

'A' Bracket winners 

Ben Womack, Phillip Blitz, Eddie Rubey and Neil Womack

Ogden Curling Clubs First Annual Halloween Inside Out & All Mixed Up Night

Take all the rules you know about scoring and throw them out. As you know, the object of the game is to be the team with your stone/stones closest to the button without the other teams stone being closer.... right? 


Well, on "Halloween Inside Out & All MIxed Up" night, the team whos stone is furthest from the button but touching the rings scores!  So technically a team could score an 8 ender if they have their  "biter weight down".   Add "all mixed up scoring" and you're guarenteed to have a good showdown.


Each player put their name and positon in a hat, shake the hat up, then each player pulled a piece of paper out of the hat.  Whatever name and position you pulled, you played. So the Skip for Team Womack (Ben Womack) became the Lead for Team Domek. Everyone had a goulish time and by overwhelming feedback, a traditional Halloween event was born.


Teams agree to do the "mix it up" were as follows:

Team "Domek" aka Team "Totman": Lead - Ben Womack, Second - Jerry Boyum, Vice - Mike Rozinka & Skippy - Addie Totman.


Team "Womack" aka Team "Weil" Lead - Dave Ferro & Lucinda Tutterow (they tag teamed the positon), Second - Mike Dellos, Vice - Mark Rubey & Skippy - Erwin Weil.


Some memorable quotes from the night:

"It's harder then you think to throw a biter"

"I never thought I'd say 'I need to raise the opposing teams stone to the button so I'm sitting shot on the 4 foot'"

"I don't want to sweep the other teams stone out..the closer they are to the button, the better I stand of scoring in the outisde rings"

"Light is good but, a Biter on the back 12 is better"

The final score, Team "Womack" 12, Team "Domek" 3
Erwin Weil skipping for Team "Womack"
Close call on who is sitting shot.
Addie Totman, Skip for Team "Domek" throws.
Looks like red sits 3.
Mark Rubey, Vice Skip for Team "Womack"
Who's shot? Who ever is furtherest from the button that's who!
Mike Dellos, Second, Team "Womack"
Addie Totman, Skip for Team "Domek"
Erwin Weil, Skip for Team "Womack"

2014 Fall Wednesday Night League Play

Team Womack v Team Dellos - both teams add some comedy to the final score and overall outcome.

Wednesday Night Open House Learn to Curl Event

September 17, 2014

It was a small group but, boy oh boy, did they have fun!!

Preparing to slide out - good form. Stone out in front of knee, broom at a 90 degree angle, knees together, shoulders square and lined up with house at other end of sheet.
Ben Womack giving sliding out instructions.
Q & A

2013 & 2014 Rocky Mountain Bonspiel Winners

2013 Winners
2014 Winners

Salt Lake Magazine - Stone Cold Thrills

See what Salt Lake Magazine wrote about curling!


The Standard-Examiner

Romancing the Stone - November 21, 2013, the Standard Examiner wrote about the Ogden Curling Club. 


Brian Sucher delivering
Tim Irish sliding out
Lucinda Tutterow calls to sweep

Ogden Valley News - March 2014


Ogden Curling Club Takes Gold at the 2014 Utah Winter Games

Ogden Valley News - April 1, 2014, pg 5
Team Irish (Tim Irish, Ben Womack, Lucinda Tutterow & Tyler Conlin)
Team Koopmans (Darrin Koopmans, Casey Willard, Ryan Combe & Dan Palmer)

More Photos

Winners of the Hollywood Curling Summer Blockbuster Bonspiel 2019 - Horror Event July 4 - 7, 2019 Valencia, California | Team SL,UT (L to R) Ben Womack, Mark Rubey, Eddie Rubey, and Lucinda Tutterow - Ogden Curling Club
Winners of the 21st Annual Rocky Mountain Bonspiel May 3rd - 5th, 2019 Ogden, Utah | Team SL,UT (L to R) Ben Womack, Mark Rubey (Mr. Pickle - photo bomber) and Eddie Rubey - Ogden Curling Club
Team SL,UT Winners of the 14th Annual Rocktoberspiel Mc Call, Idaho October 5 - 7, 2018 | (L to R) Ben Womack - Skip - Ogden Curling Club - Utah Lucinda Tutterow - Lead - Ogden Curling Club - Utah Eddie Rubey - Vice - Ogden Curling Club - Utah Merwyn Nash
Ogden Curling Clubs Team "SL,UT" aka "Ice Kings & the Queen" (Mark Rubey, Lucinda Tutterow, Ben Womack & Merwyn Nash (McCall Curling Club but a SL,UT at heart)) take runner up in the "A" Bracket at McCall Curling Clubs "10th Annual Rocktoberspiel" October
League Champions Tim, Mark, Mike, Erwin
Local curlers take 2nd place in California
Jerry Condon and Charles Taggart studying the game plan
Mark Rubey holds the broom
McCall Curling Club - Rocktoberspiel 2011
Team Three Ladies and a Jon - S.O.B. 2014 "A" Bracket runner-ups (Lucinda, Jodi, Jon and Alison - Ogden Curling Club)
Team Charles and his Angels - McCall Rocktoberspiel 2012
One is never to young to curl
We never get to have any fun - Rocky Mountain Bonspiel 2012
Ben Womack delivering a stone
Mark Rubey skipping - 2014 Rocky Mountain Bonspiel
Ben Womack doing ice prep - Waterspiel 2011
Mark, Ben and Tim attempt to embarrass, Charles, the skip yet again.
Tim Irish delivering a stone
2014 Rocky Mountain Bonspiel Opening Ceremony Toast
Setting up on our new sheets
How 6 year old Maya Conlin, sees Mixed Doubles Olympic Curling - thanks Tyler for sharing!
How fun was the last night of leauge - Fall 2017? Team Conlin got a 6 ender!!! Too fun!
Team Gatto aka Team Wasted Stones celebrated a long time coming 7 Ender Awesome job guys "we never get to have any fun ;)"
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