Halloween at the OCC


You might make note that on October 29, 2014 we will be doing something totally different and a wee bit "Inside Out".  Take all the rules you know about scoring and throw them out the haunted house window, minding the alligator filled mot! 


We will be having the first ever

highly anticipated

first annual

 "Inside Out"


As you know, the object of the game is to be the team with your stone/stones closest to the button without the other teams stone being closer.... right?  Well, on "Inside Out" night, the team who's stone is furthest from the button but touching the rings scores!  So technically a team could score an 8 ender if they have stones biting the 12 foot ring.  The scores will not count towards standings but IT SURE WILL BE FUN!

Also, it's Halloween so come dressed to impress Halloween Costume Curling style!  Make sure it wont leave any scarey debris on the ice. Boo!!

Come on out ya'all to our Sunday Drop-In curling.

Ice prep starts at 215p with curling from 230p - 430p. 

$10.00 per person - cash only please.


If you have never tried curling but want to learn, drop us an email (email address is located under the contact us tab or Board of Directors tab, see secretary) and we'll be waiting with stones and brooms ready.  Cost is $10.00 per person (cash or check).  Instruction starts at 230p.

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